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House fire in Tolworth prompts smoking safety reminder from firefighters

03/06/2019 11:50
Kingston upon Thames
House or flat fire

Firefighters have issued a smoking safety reminder after a discarded cigarette is believed to have caused a fire at a house on Cranborne Avenue in Tolworth.

Part of a kitchen in the terraced house was damaged by fire. There were no reported injuries. The alarm was raised by a neighbour who discovered the fire and called the Brigade.

The Brigade’s fire investigators believe the fire was caused by a carelessly discarded cigarette.

A London Fire Brigade spokesperson said:  “If you smoke, it is vitally important to ensure your cigarette is disposed of carefully by stubbing it out, preferably in an ash tray.  If you smoke before bed, make sure your cigarette is fully out and never leave your lit cigarette unattended. As we’ve seen here, carelessly discarded cigarettes can easily start fires.

“There were also no working smoke alarms in the property but thankfully a neighbour saw smoke and raised the alarm. Everyone should ensure they have at least one smoke alarm fitted on every level of them home and in every room where there is a risk of a fire starting, apart from the kitchen and bathroom where a heat alarm would be more appropriate. Smoke alarms will give the earliest possible warning if a fire breaks out in your home.”

Safety advice for smokers:

  • Make sure you have smoke alarms fitted in every room you regularly use in your home including in the hallways.
  • Never smoke in bed.
  • Always ensure you stub out cigarettes properly and dispose of them carefully.
  • Keep matches and lighters out of children's reach.
  • Never leave lit cigarettes or cigars unattended.
  • Empty ashtrays carefully, ensuring all smoking materials are stubbed out and cold.
  • If you must smoke, do it outdoors.

The Brigade was called at 1150 and the fire was under control by 1209. Two fire engines and around 10 firefighters from Surbiton and New Malden fire stations attended the scene.

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