Fire Assembly Points

How your staff can assemble safely during the Coronavirus pandemic, while remaining socially distanced.

If your fire alarm went off and all your staff evacuated the premises, is your assembly point large enough that they can remain socially distanced?

If not, you may need to relocate to a larger assembly point, or set up a dispersal system.

Dispersal systems

A dispersal system organises staff into small groups, each one assembling in a different location. For example one team may meet in the car park, and another in a nearby park. This allows groups of people to remain socially distanced from each other, which is critical during the Coronavirus pandemic.

If you opt for this method you’ll need to make sure there’s a procedure in place to ensure everyone is accounted for, taking a register for example. It’s a good idea to have a fire marshal responsible for this, and to have one or more back up fire marshals to provide cover if needed.

With a dispersal system it’s important that all staff know in advance where their assembly point is, and how to check in when they get there, as the people they’re with when the alarm goes off might be going to different assembly points.

Keeping staff up to date

Now’s a good time to remind your staff of your evacuation plan, and let them know if the assembly point has changed.

It’s crucial that staff are kept up to date with any changes made as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic – as soon as they happen, and that regular fire drills are carried out. This should also include how to safely evacuate visitors and members of the public.

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