Coronavirus: Protecting your business from arson

Rubbish may build up during lockdown, so remove anything an arsonist could target.

Waste collections

If you're closing your premises for lockdown make sure there aren't any piles of rubbish or other flammable materials left behind - they're a popular target for arson.

When you return to work after lockdown check if any rubbish has built up while you’ve been away. Now’s the time to dispose of it properly, or it could become a target for arson attacks.

Keep an eye on your regular refuse and recycling collections, which may have changed during the Coronavirus pandemic. If they’re no longer taking place you’ll need to make other arrangements. If the waste collection schedule has changed, you’ll need to adapt your routine.


Is your burglar alarm still working? Have you checked that your shopfront security grill remains secure? Test all your security measures, including CCTV and lighting, to make sure they’re still protecting your business.

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For more information on end-of-day procedures, fire risk assessments and the impact arson can have on a business, check out our page on reducing arson risk for businesses.

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