Fire alarms and safety systems

During the Coronavirus lockdown period, fire safety systems may not have been tested and properly maintained.

Fire safety systems

A fire safety systems includes

Testing fire alarms when reopening after lockdown

Fire alarm systems should be tested and checked when you and your staff reopen you’re business.

A working fire safety system keeps your employees and customers safe.  You should repair any faults before your staff return to work.

Alarm Receiving Systems and Remote Monitoring Services

If you have a fire alarm that’s linked to an Alarm Receiving Centre/Remote Monitoring Service, you need to test that the connection is still working.

You should also contact your service provider to see if their service to you is not affected by the Coronavirus pandemic. If it is affected, you will need to make adjustments to your fire safety system.

False alarms

When you are testing your fire alarm equipment, be careful you don’t send a false alarm to the emergency services. False alarms divert our resources away from responding to emergencies or supporting the effort against Coronavirus.

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