Fire Risk Assessment Checklist Covid19

If your business is re-opening, closing or adapting you need to review your Fire Risk Assessment.

A fire risk assessment is vital to your business’ safety, and a legal requirement. It allows you, the responsible person, to ensure the safety the people you are responsible for. It also potentially reduces the effect of a fire on your premises and any stock, keeping your business safe.

What do I need to think about?

You should review your Fire Risk Assessment to ensure that it takes into account any changes to your business operations due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Fire Risk Assessment: Know your responsibilities

Fire risk assessments are a legal requirement find out what you need to do

Get it done

You are looking for changes that effect how you prevent fire and protect people from fire in you work place.


Covid19 Fire Risk Assessment checklist

The review should consider the following:

  • How many people you have on the premises at a time and if there are enough of trained people to co-ordinate or carry out an evacuation, if needed?

  • Is there still the capacity to help people with a disability and any persons who may require assistance in an emergency?

  • Has social distancing created any lone working situations?
  • Have there been any changes in working practices due to coronavirus and how might they affect your risk assessment?

  • Have you had to increase your stock levels and do you need to adjust control measures accordingly?

  • If you are cooking on your premises, is your kitchen catering extraction ductwork clean?

  • Have you been able to test during lockdown? Do you need to carry out testing before re-occupation? Do your testing maintenance regimes need to change?

  • Do you need additional staff training, including fire wardens or fire marshals? Do you need to train more people if people are working at varying times?

  • Have you factored in social distancing to your emergency evacuation plan including RVPs?

  • Are there any changes to Firefighter access and facilities? Are any changes needed?

This isn’t everything you need to consider, but it should get you thinking about what you might need to consider. As changes are announced on lockdown please make sure you think about your fire safety arrangements.

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