Coronavirus Emergency Evacuation Plan

Review your plan to keep social distance and keep everyone safe. 

Whether you're re-opening, closing or adapting your business, if you're a responsible person for a larger organisation then you need to consider your emergency evacuation plan in light of Covid19 arrangements and social distancing.

The Emergency Evacuation Plan for your premises needs to be reviewed to ensure that it aligns with your reviewed Fire Risk Assessment and current staffing levels for the building.

Covid19 lockdown - review emergency evacuation plan

Your previous evacuation plan would not have had to take into account many of the factors we all now face as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Business considerations for reviewing evacuation plan

Below are some the factors you’ll need consider when reviewing your emergency evacuation plan.

  • One-way systems – if you have implemented a one way system in your premises how does that affect your evacuation plan?

  • Assembly points – Does your current assembly point allow enough room for people to social distance when gathered?

  • Use of lifts for visitors and residents who cannot use the stairs

  • Hand sanitising and washing facilities on evacuation and re-entry to the building

  • Clear escape routes – with lots of changes to how we use our spaces it’s easy to let things pile up. Make sure your escape routes are clear.

This isn’t a comprehensive list of all the considerations you’ll need to make, all businesses are different, but I should get you thinking.


Get a plan in place now

If your business doesn’t have an evacuation plan in place, do it now. We have plenty information about how to create an emergency evacuation plan.

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