are you caring for someone vulnerable?

We know that due to the Coronavirus pandemic you may be worried about your more vulnerable family members, friends and neighbours.

Whether you’re essential to their well-being and still need to visit their home, or if you’re keeping in touch online or over the phone, there are steps you can take to help keep them safe from fire.

Lockdown to-do list

Our lockdown to-do list prompts you to move around your home and carry out a number of simple checks. It’ll also tell you what changes you should make.

It talks you through safe cooking, heating, electrical safety, smoking and more.

What you can do:

  • You can talk someone through the to-do list over the phone, or in person if you’re caring for them in their home
See our lockdown to-do list

Health equipment and smoking

Do you know anyone who uses emollient creams, or has an airflow mattress or oxygen cylinders?

These can be vital for people with health issues, but smoking near them can be especially dangerous.

What you can do:

  • Make sure the person you’re concerned about never smokes on, or close to an airflow pressure relief mattress. If it’s punctured by a cigarette, the rush of air in the mattress is a constant source of fuel to a fire.
  • Check that medical oxygen is kept away from any naked flames including cigarettes, both during and after use.
  • Emollients or skin creams can soak into fabrics and can cause them to become more flammable – make sure that these fabrics are kept away from naked flames including cigarettes.
  • If the person you’re concerned about is a smoker and has mobility issues, consider getting flame retardant bedding, nightwear or throws by talking to their local council or care provider.


The UK Power Network (UKPN) keeps a list of vulnerable people including those who have health problems, or use medical equipment at home.

This list is known as the Priority Services Register (PSR) and people on the register will be prioritised and supported during a power cut. That support can include having a 24 hour support and advice line to call, home visits, and hot meals delivered.

What you can do:

  • You can refer yourself, or anyone you’re concerned about online:
Make a referral to the Priority Services Register

Still concerned?

Our Home Fire Safety Checker (HFSC) is a free and simple tool which asks a few basic questions about your home, or the home of someone you care for, guides you around each room so you can spot potential risks, and then offers tailored advice.

Alternatively our Home Fire Safety Visits (HFSV) are a free service, available 24/7 where we’ll visit someone in their home, take a look around and provide tailored advice about fire safety. We even fit free smoke alarms if they’re needed.

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic we’ve changed how we carry these visits out - in order to minimise the risk to the people we visit, and our staff, but in higher risk cases, we do still carry them out.

What you can do:

Check your home, or the home of someone you care for

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