Understanding data to make you safer

We gather lots of data about the incidents we attend and we know a lot about London. We use data to plan our resources and what we do to prevent incidents and deal with emergencies. Take a look at your local data to find out what we know and what we do to help keep you safe.

We’re not finished yet. We’ll be releasing more of our data about London later in the year.


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Chart - concerns


Things people are worried about

These are just some of the factors people in London worry about in their area that make them feel more at risk - it’s not a definitive list. We consider these and other factors when we plan our work.

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Chart - risks


Incidents and casualties in your area

We record all the incidents that we attend in London. Past locations of incidents is good data for predicting where they are likely to happen in the future. We use this data to plan our resources and what we do to stop incidents happening.

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What we do to help keep you safe

Using our incident data and what we know about London, we take action to prevent incidents happening and we make sure our firefighters are in the right places so they can get you quickly.

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