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The LIFE programme has helped over 15,000 of the London's most disadvantaged and vulnerable young people. Could you help us make a positive impact on more young Londoners?

Partnership and sponsorship

How you can help us to support the LIFE programme?

The Local Intervention Fire Education (LIFE) programme has made a big difference to over 15,000 vulnerable young Londoners. We work with young people who are disengaged, at risk or vulnerable aged between 14 and 17 and who may need additional support and motivation reaching their full potential in aspects of their life.

The full programme is a 4-5 day intensive course which is run by operational firefighters and fire and rescue staff. 

8 reasons LIFE is good for young people:

  1. Helps young people discover their unfulfilled potential
  2. Builds confidence and self-esteem
  3. Improves teamwork and social skills
  4. Improves discipline and the individual’s work ethic
  5. Teaches responsibility, respect and leadership from positive role models
  6. Improves an understanding of consequences and making positive choices
  7. Improves their employability and motivates them to build aspirations for their future
  8. Provides an AQA accreditation.

It's an incredible opportunity for your brand, business or organisation to do something great for your local community.

Make a big difference...

Why support the LIFE course?

Your support can help us give at risk and socially excluded young people the opportunity to focus on areas like leadership, confidence building, physical exercise and social skills.

Together, we can explain the impact and consequences of anti-social behaviour, encourage co-operative working and most importantly build confidence and self-esteem so young people are less inclined to commit crime and instead continue with education or employment. It makes a real difference to young lives...

Young people on LIFE course celebrating

What do young people, parents and carers say?

"Thank you so much to all the amazing team that helped my daughter to grow up and see how good she really is."

"All I can say that this week has been extremely beneficial for my daughter. She has enjoyed it so much, she doesn’t want it to end. Thanks to all the trainers – I can see what hard work you all do."

"Absolutely thrilled and proud of Luke and his performance with the Trainers. Keith's comments have made me so proud. With the ADHD, it has really helped due to the structure of the course."

"I've really enjoyed my week with all of my friends and all the staff the LFB. I have really appreciated it. I will join Fire Cadets to carry on with LFB further and hopefully one day I can be a firefighter!! I wish you all the best. Alex. (LIFE Award Winner)"

"I actually don't know what to say. I mean just saying 'thank you' is not enough to show my appreciation for this course. The experience was amazing, nothing like I had in the past few years. The trainers, they were inspirational and really guided us ( the 10 who went through this and me) through this epic course. I'll never forget the other 10 who were with me the whole time. Although we had our ups and downs, they were amazing and I'm going to miss them. It really changed my life and it has made me feel more positive. It's a once in a lifetime opportunity and I'm glad to have it."

Supporting the LIFE programme

Partners and sponsors help us make more of a difference to more young people – will you join them?

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