In their own words.

Since we launched, the Local Intervention Fire Education (LIFE) programme has hosted over 15,000 life-changing experiences... find out more from the people who took part.

What is the LIFE programme?

Local Intervention Fire Education (LIFE) is an exciting youth engagement programme offering young people the unique opportunity to learn a range of skills through working alongside London Fire Brigade. It's an engaging, intense programme that has received 100% positive feedback from young people who've participated. Now meet our graduates... 

Lots to learn...

I want to say a big thank you for letting me be apart of this course. I've learnt so much and I'm taking these experiences with me to my new chapter. I also wanna say a big thank you for believing in me and for not giving up on me.

The best time...

It was one of the best times of my life and hopefully for the others as well. I think that more and more people should come on this course it's like a real life job, wake up early in the morning thinking you have work and it feels like you have a real responsibility. I wouldn't mind having this as my job but it definitely has boosted me up more thinking more sensibly and respectfully. To my peers and workers, they have taught me to control my anger and not to get into trouble. You have taught me some life lessons like washing up , tidying up, organisation and helped me breakout of my shell the first day I came here. Thank you all.
Over 15,000 young people have attended a LIFE course

Learn the firefighter's secrets

Thanks! Had the best week learnt things only firefighters know. All the trainers are really nice, helpful and encouraging. Best thing I have done.

Amazing thanks a lot

An amazing course, it shows you the importance of good behaviour in LIFE, the importance to work in a team, the importance of being grateful and the importance to help the rest even if they don’t thank you.  

Thank You from Billy's Mum

Just want to say a big Thank You. Billy has really enjoyed his time here and speaking to Paul Hannaford, I think this has made a big impact on him. 
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Building confidence

Tirin has really enjoyed the course – he has come home every evening and told me how he had enjoyed each day. I have seen a difference in his confidence. Thank you.

Becoming a leader

This course for me has been a great experience and would definitely recommend the life course to peers. The life course has made me realise I can do things such as be a leader in a group that I did not know I could do before.

This course was the best!

The course was really helpful for me and I really recommend young people to come because they will definitely enjoy it. The team are really friendly and supportive and they will never let you give up. To be honest I thought I wouldn’t enjoy it. But when I came for the first time I felt really comfortable. I have learnt a lot and I hope my behaviour will continue being good when I go back to school. A really big thanks to Lorna who gave the feedback about how I was really improving and what I was doing wrong. This course was the best!
Is it worthwhile? 100% of the young people surveyed were positively impacted by taking part.

A parent's perspective...

Our son has really enjoyed his week at the LIFE course at Tottenham fire station. He was very enthusiastic when he came home in the afternoon telling us all about his achievements from the day. He couldn’t wait to leave the house in the mornings and is seriously thinking of joining the cadets next year. This a great confidence and team building exercise. Thank you to all involved

Thank you is not enough

I actually don't know what to say. I mean just saying 'thank you' is not enough to show my appreciation for this course. The experience was amazing, nothing like I had in the past few years. The trainers, they were inspirational and really guided us. It really changed my life and it has made me feel more positive. It's a once in a lifetime opportunity.