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Victoria Metz, Station Manager

joined the fire brigade in 1988 after working in a bank, building society and various other jobs
Station Manager, Victoria Metz smiling stood in front of a fire engine

I was 18 when I joined the fire brigade in 1988. I knew I didn't want to pursue the normal woman's job path, which is why I applied for the fire service.

It was difficult at first, as there weren't many women in the role, but this didn't put me off


Victoria Metz, Station Manager

As well as going to fires and operational incidents, my job now mainly involves managing the health and safety elements of operational firefighting, looking at how to keep our teams safe and best prepared to do their job and also liaising with the unions to ensure we are taking our staff's needs into consideration.

It is a challenging and ever-changing job, and you have to be a great team player, but even after 25 years I can easily say being a firefighter has met all my expectations and I still absolutely love it.