Rosalie Jones, Sub Officer

joined the Brigade in 1989 as a firefighter

In 1989 Rosalie Jones was a single mother working at a software company. But a chance encounter with a firefighter carrying out some decorating work in her home changed her life dramatically.

He told Rosalie "You could do it!" The next 30 years proved that true.

Rosalie Jones, Sub Officer

Early challenges

Back in 1989 the Brigade looked very different, and becoming accepted as a valued member of the team was a challenge.

Luckily Rosalie had some very supportive colleagues over the years, as well as a source of inspiration in the form of her Mum; "My mother – though a little old Jamaican woman - she told me I can do it, don’t worry that I look different from everyone else, if they can do it then so can I."

In true firefighter style Rosalie decided what she wanted to achieve and put a plan into action; "I wanted to come to work and enjoy my day! So I made this my objective and changed watches, became the mess manager (as I loved to cook) and I also invited my friends and family to get involved in any social activities we had on the Watch and life in LFB became great."

Rosalie Jones

Varied work

Since joining at the age of 22 Rosalie has climbed the ranks from firefighters to Sub Officer, and worked across London - including as an instructor, on a procurement project, and in the Outreach team. In fact, if you're interested in becoming a firefighter - you might well meet Rosalie!

Rosalie says "no two days in my 30 year career have been the same and that's one reason why I love this job."

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