What's important to us?

Trusted to serve and protect London and Londoners. 

What's important to us explained.

Our mission and vision

London Fire Brigade is here to help make London the safest global city. Our vision is to be a world class fire and rescue service for London, Londoners and visitors. A number of factors are important to us and they influence how the Brigade will meet the challenges of making London a safer place to live, work and visit.

How does that work in practice?

London Fire Brigade’s main role as a fire and rescue service is to make London the safest global city. This means working to make sure London has the lowest number of fires, and fewer injuries and deaths caused by fire. The Brigade can do this by influencing safety in the ‘built environment’ – buildings, roads, transport systems and so on – and through education and regulation.

London Fire Brigade is a trusted partner, helping to create a safer, healthier London by working with local communities to promote healthier lifestyles. The Brigade raises awareness of safety and wellbeing considerations in a whole range of activities, from water safety and road safety, through to caring for the most vulnerable residents & educating and informing tomorrow’s young Londoners.

London Fire Brigade will maximise what it can do by working with individuals and businesses to help them identify what they can do for themselves to ensure their own safety and the safety of others. And the Brigade will continue to provide services to meet the needs of all communities.

In addition to the aims of reducing the risk of fire and the risk from fire, the London Fire Brigade will also deliver a wide range of services, information and advice together with emergency partners to contribute to:

  • The lowest numbers of deaths and injuries from road traffic collisions.
  • The highest survival rates in cardiac arrests in the world.
  • The lowest levels of crime and disorder.

Did you know?
We protect and serve 8.6 millions Londoners

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