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Total Recalls

Nearly one fire a day in London involves white goods we've. Most fires caused by these appliances are not down to the owner but by faults beyond the control of the householder.

The Total Recalls campaign is here to make it easier for people to protect themselves from potentially lethal faulty appliances.

We're calling for a number of changes in manufacturing, communication and access to information. We are calling for the government, manufacturers and retailers to make these changes that will make people safer.

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A place for you to check

One of the key things people can do to keep themselves safe is to check whether their white goods are subject to a recall, however, this is very difficult to do.

A change we're calling for is the development of a single recall register for white goods. This doesn't exist at the moment.

It is our aim to have a government backed, nationally recognised and publicly accessible recall register that people can easily check.