London Fire Brigade

The Takeaway World Cup

Don't cook drunk, get a takeaway

During this year's World Cup in Brazil, the Brigade is calling on all football fans to get a takeaway instead of cooking drunk.

An extra 2.2 billion pints were sold during the previous month-long tournament in 2010 and the Brigade is concerned the evening kick-off schedule will lead to an increase in alcohol-related cooking fires.

Know the score

Research by the Brigade in 2010 reveals:


Two fires a day happen after Londoners have been drinking.

1 in 4

A quarter of people who die in a fire have alcohol in their system


The most often cause of fires, where alcohol is a suspected factor, is falling asleep (56 per cent).


During the 2010 football World Cup there were 620 house fires - approximately 20 a day.

75 per cent of alcohol-related fires are caused by people cooking while drunk

Foodie footballers

We asked you to tweet us your foodie footballers using the #TakeawayWorldCup. Five lucky winners each received a £20 Just Eat voucher but here, in the spirit of the World Cup, is our final 23-man squad, including manager.

Thanks to all who sent in their entries!

1. Peter Stilton
2. Bacary Lasagne
3. Ashley Cole-Slaw
4. John Teriyaki
5. Jaap Spam
6. Franz Bacon-Burger
7. Javier Pie-and-Macherano
8. Adam Banana
9. Michel Panini
10. Pizza Beardsley
11. Ronal-dough ball
12. Edam Hazard
13. Ray Clemince
14. Daniel Porridge
15. Diego Custard
16. Robin Van Parsnips
17. Salmon Kalou
18. John Obi Pickle
19. Thomas Muller Light
20. Alex Ox Tail Soup Chamberlain
21. Sole Campbell
22. Sloppy Joe Hart
23. Rudi Vollevant

Manager: Terry Vegetables

You can see the full list of entries on Storify.