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Product recalls

You may not smoke or use candles in your home and, as a result, fire may be the last thing on your mind, however, do you know how safe the electrical products in your home are?

Sadly, over the years,we have attended a number of fires, some of them fatal, which have been caused by faulty electrical appliances.

There are steps that you can take immediately to guard against fire in electrical appliances:

  • If you think there may be a problem with an electrical appliance that you own always unplug it and contact the manufacturer or a qualified appliance repair technician
  • Check the safety of an electrical product by visiting the Government's product recall site which lists which white goods have been recalled due to fire risk
  • Fit a minimum of one smoke alarm per floor and fit enough alarms to cover all areas where a fire could start, making sure they are tested regularly
  • Plan how you would get out in the event of a fire in your home
  • If a fire does start, don't try to fight the fire. Get out, stay out and call the Brigade immediately
  • Make sure white goods are not positioned in escape routes so if they do catch fire they won't block your way out of the property

The majority of products in your home will be safe but you should regularly check to ensure none of your household appliances are subject to a recall.

Always ensure new electrical items are registered, so manufacturers can contact you in the event of any problems. Go to for more information and to register your electric products.

If you are concerned about a product that doesn't appear on the recall list, stop using it immediately and make your concern known to the retailer, manufacturer or local Trading Standards office.

You can also find more information from us about the checks and precautions you should take when using electrical equipment.


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