London Fire Brigade

Our policies and procedures

We use policies to guide all our work. Below are explanations of how we use policies in each area.

Conduct of Authority business

The Authority standing orders, delegated powers, financial provisions are set out in LFEPA publications. LFEPA is committed to the highest standards of corporate and ethical conduct from members and these are set out corporate governance rules and standards.

Provision of services

A range of policies and procedures of the authority that affect the manner in which our main services are provided, including policies and procedures for your safety and those of handling requests for information. See our main services in what we do, your safety and access to information.

Employment of staff

This section outlines information on recruitment, career progression and vacancies within the LFB. Also included are policies and performance measures on equality and diversity issues and health and safety and the environment.

The resources committee includes reports relating to employment and other human resources issues.

For information about firefighters pension scheme, visit the communities and local government

Information about fire and rescue staff pension scheme can be found at the London Pensions Fund Authority site.

Customer service

Our current internal information outlining the compliments and complaints procedure to be followed by staff when handling complaints, including information about what happens when you make a complaint and what to do if you are not satisfied with the outcome.

Included is a compliment and complaints online form which has information on our procedure.

Internal instructions, manuals and guidelines

Internal guidelines of what we do and how we respond to fires and other emergencies and prevent fires from causing harm or damage to people and property.

It includes guidelines on your safety as the public. See our main services in what we do and your safety.

To request information on LFB's policies and procedures that are not currently published on our website, contact us.

Records management and personal data policies

Records retention, destruction and archive policies, including Data protection and data sharing policies.

To request information on LFEPA policies and procedures that are not currently published on our website, please contact us.

Charging regimes and policies

The LFEPA charges for the provision of some information and services.