London Fire Brigade

Advice for parents of young children

We offer a range of services and information aimed at young children, including the games and education section of this website.

Measures to keep your children safe

  • Don’t leave children on their own in a room where there is a fire risk
  • Never let them play near the oven and hob
  • Keep matches, lighters, candles and tea lights out of reach of children or in a locked cupboard
  • Put a childproof fireguard in front of an open fire or heater
  • Don’t let children play or leave toys near a fire or heater
  • Keep portable heaters in a safe place where they can’t be knocked over when they are being used or stored
  • Keep your fire escape route clear of toys and other obstructions

Teach your children what to do if there is a fire

  • If you see smoke or fire, raise the alarm and tell a grown up immediately
  • Get out of the building as soon as possible. Go to the house next door if you can and ask them to call 999
  • If there is smoke in the room, crawl low along the floor
  • Never hide in a cupboard or under the bed. Do all you can to raise the alarm and get out
  • If the way out is blocked, go into a room with a window and put blankets or towels at the bottom of the door to stop smoke getting in. If there is a phone in the room, dial 999, otherwise open the window and shout for help
  • Don’t go back into the building, not even for pets

Starting fires

If you think your child, or a child you know, is displaying firesetting tendencies or behaviour, you can contact the Juvenile Firesetters Intervention Scheme (JFIS). 

JFIS has been set up to address these issues, and trained advisers are available to meet with the child or young person and their parents.