London Fire Brigade

What our priorities are and how we are doing

Strategic plan, business plan, aims and objectives

The London Safety Plan is our combined Corporate Plan and Integrated Risk Management Plan (IRMP).

It brings together the key work we are doing to achieve our vision of being a world class fire and rescue service for London, Londoners and visitors.

Our current Plan (the Fifth London Safety Plan (LSP5)) covers the period 2013 to 2016. The Authority's Strategy Committee receives quarterly reports on the progress in delivering the commitments in the Plan, as well as about key projects.

The Governance, Performance and Audit Committee and Resources Committee also receives quarterly updates on the performance indicators set out in the London Safety Plan.

Reports indicating service provision, performance assessments, operational assessment reports

As a public service our performance and the way that we use our resources are very important, therefore every year we set targets and monitor our performance against them and make any improvements we can to the services we provide in London.

The Governance Performance and Audit Committee and the Resources Committee meet to monitor performance against indicators in the London Safety Plan and key corporate projects.

The Strategy Committee oversees our policies for response, community safety, promoting prevention activity, and local partnerships to promote community safety.

Working in partnership with other emergency services

We work in partnership with the other blue light emergency services (i.e. the police and ambulance service), the London borough councils and other London agencies to develop and maintain plans that will ensure a coordinated response in the event of a major or catastrophic incident occurring.

It’s vital that our plans for a coordinated response are ready in the event of emergencies, including terrorist attacks, incidents with hazardous material, floods and the other effects of extreme weather, because the actions of one organisation at a major incident could impact on all of the other agencies involved.

That's why we are part of the London Emergency Services Liaison Panel (LESLP) to ensure we have proper plans in place for major incidents.

Our Emergency Planning team also supports our partnership working across the capital.

Our Emergency Planning team supports London's six local resilience forums and the London Local Authority Gold (LLAG) arrangements by providing the London Local Authority Co-ordination Centre (LLACC) and acting as a single point of contact for other agencies on behalf of local authorities.

The Brigade also works as part of the London Resilience Partnership, which is made up of more than 170 organisations, including other emergency services.

For more information on our relationship with other authorities when preparing for a major incident please visit our Emergency Planning page

Performance and statistical information

We produce a range of corporate documents reflecting our performance, including statistical information on how we are performing in your area. Incidents and other data is also available via the incident mapping tool and the borough statistics page.

As part of the London Safety Plan we set targets for a range of performance indicators and monitor our performance against them and make any improvements we can to the services we provide in London.

Some of these targets are about reducing fires and other emergency incidents, others are about how we deliver our emergency response and the community safety prevention work we do. Other targets relate to how well we run our organisation.

This is also available in hard copy. Please contact us.

The targets and performance each quarter are reported to Resources Committee and to the Governance, Performance and Audit Committee. The Authority sets targets and indicators, usually for a three year period, as part of the London Safety Plan.

This includes a number of three year headline targets as well annual targets. All targets are reviewed annually by the Resources Committee and the Governance, Performance and Audit Committee which also monitors performance against those targets.

We also publish a large amount of data about our work on the London Datastore.