London Fire Brigade

London Fire Brigade statement ahead of meeting to try and resolve fire dispute

16 November 2010

Speaking ahead of a meeting of the Resolution Advisory Panel today, London Fire Commissioner Ron Dobson said: “I hope that the recommendations from the meeting will help us bring an end to the current dispute with the FBU.

“Although the meeting won’t result in an immediate agreement, I do expect recommendations to come back to both ourselves and the Union within a week or so. I hope we can then finally agree start and finish times that will help us make Londoners and firefighters safer.”

Notes to Editors:

Negotiations on pay and conditions in the fire service nationally are carried out by a body called the National Joint Council. The Employers side and the FBU side each have a Joint Secretary to assist in the conduct of negotiations

The Resolution Advisory Panel (RAP) is part of this national negotiating machinery. It appoints an independent Chair who hears the case from both sides and can make subsequent recommendations on a way forward.

On 16 November the panel will comprise negotiation teams from the London Fire Brigade and the London Region of the FBU, the two joint secretaries, and the independent Chair will be Professor of Industrial Relations William Brown.

The Panel will meet at the offices of the British Medical Association in Tavistock Square, starting at 9.45am. It is anticipated that the Panel will make recommendations within seven days, which can then be considered by the London Fire Brigade and FBU, at which point both sides will decide if an agreement can be reached.

The meeting is not open to the public or media, and the Brigade does not expect to make any statements after the meeting.