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London Fire Authority vows to resolve new strike threat

26 October 2010

The Chairman and Commissioner of the London Fire Authority have vowed that the service will do all it can to stop a new 47 hour strike the FBU have said will start on the 5 November – which can be the busiest time for the fire Brigade.

LFEPA Chairman, Brian Coleman said: “The FBU have placed firefighters in a terrible position. We had asked for a meeting with national negotiators on the 5 November, and the union have responded with a strike. The message to the FBU is short and simple. Call the strike off and talk.”

“There are no cuts, no job losses, this is about reducing a 15 hour night shift, adding those hours to the day shift and doing more community safety work and firefighter training.”

London Fire Commissioner, Ron Dobson said: "I'm not threatening firefighters, and I cannot remove a legal process we must go through if we are considering changing staff contracts because we cannot reach agreement.

“The crucial fact being ignored in all of this is that if we can agree a compromise with the FBU on different start and finish times, the whole process ends immediately."

Talks have been ongoing for five years, and a compromise from the original proposal of two 12 hour shifts, to an 11 hour day and 13 hour night, with a range of other benefits are still firmly on the table.

The Commissioner has vowed to hold talks day and night to resolve this dispute for the benefit of all Londoners and firefighters.

The Authority had already requested the intervention of the resolution advisory panel (a national negotiating body) on the 5 November, at which the two sides would be offered every opportunity to reach an agreement, which would see the section 188 process stop immediately.



The London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority, runs the London Fire Brigade.

Chairman Brian Coleman and Commissioner Ron Dobson are available for interview.

What's the strike about?

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