London Fire Brigade

Third offer by Brigade in bid to avoid further strikes

22 October 2010

London Fire Brigade has tabled revised proposals which it hopes will avoid further strikes by the FBU over proposed changes to shift start and finish times.

The Brigade has offered a revised shift pattern of an 11 hour day shift and a 13 hour night shift, tied in with a number of new incentives and details of start and finish options. This is the third time that the Brigade has offered to compromise on its original proposals of two 12 hour shifts and believes it is a positive step in resolving the dispute.

The Brigade is also now seeking the involvement of national negotiators and has proposed a meeting of the National Joint Council’s Resolution Advisory Panel on 5 November.

The FBU has agreed to consult their members on our revised offer with a view to the London Regional Committee meeting on Tuesday, 26 October, to consider the results of the consultation.

In a separate move, the Brigade rejected an FBU proposal for 24 hour shifts. The Brigade believes that the proposal presents significant health and safety concerns for firefighters working such a long shift. Firefighter fatigue was raised by staff and the union on our original proposals for 12 hour shifts so it is difficult to see how doubling the shift would remove those concerns. The shifts would also affect staff with caring responsibilities, which has again been a major concern raised by some firefighters in relation to the 12/12 proposal.

The dispute centres on the Brigade’s plan to shorten the 15 hour night shift and increase the 9 hour day shift making more time for vital training and community safety work.


Notes to Editors:

 The National Joint Council Resolution Advisory Panel is part of the national negotiating process for the UK fire service. the NJC joint secretaries and RAP are nationally recognised alternative approaches to resolving disputes and are part of the Authority’s industrial relations procedures. The Panel is independently chaired.