London Fire Brigade

Press office

The LFB press office provides information on incidents the Brigade attends and works to promote fire safety to the public in order to keep Londoners safe.

Glenn Sebright - Head of Media and Internal Communications

Glenn is responsible for the strategic oversight and development of online (website and social media), media and internal communications.

Vicky Hardman -  News Manager

Vicky leads on issues around the Brigade’s strategy and its performance, London resilience (preparing for major emergencies) and industrial relations. She is responsible for managing the 24/7 press office.

Emma Gibbs – Senior Communications Officer

Emma  leads on operations and mobilising, procedures and tactics – this means what types of incident the Brigade goes to, how it gets to them and what it does when it’s there. She also covers issues around our 999 control. Emma also leads the Brigade’s day-to-day work on social media.

Rob McTaggart - Senior Communications Officer

Rob leads on community fire safety promoting fire safety and the Brigade’s important prevention work in the media. He is also responsible for, youth engagement, arson and  partnership working.

Martin Simpson - Senior Communications Officer

Martin leads on fire safety law, also known as Regulatory Fire Safety, fire investigations, and also, procurement and property.