London Fire Brigade

Wembley Stadium test for firefighters

08 May 2017

London’s iconic Wembley Stadium recently provided the backdrop to a Brigade training exercise, testing the emergency services’ response to incidents involving hazardous materials.

Supported by our colleagues in the Metropolitan Police and London Ambulance Service, the multi-agency exercise simulated the release of hazardous materials into a crowded area.

100 firefighters and specialist teams take part

Around 100 firefighters and officers, 12 fire engines, two fire rescue units, a command unit and our specially trained CBRN (chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear) team took part.

To help provide crews with a realistic environment, the Brigade’s Fire Cadets and Public Service course students from across the capital acted as casualties, all of whom were given fake injuries by make-up artists drafted in to help with the exercise on the day. 

Crews test skills in iconic setting

London Fire Brigade’s Assistant Commissioner for Operational Resilience Graham Ellis said: "Exercises of this scale are important to ensure that we are always ready to respond and that the response is effective and well coordinated. 

“Training in such iconic surroundings provided a valuable opportunity for London’s Emergency Services to test their skills and procedures in a realistic environment.”

Pre-planned training exercise

The exercise was one of many planned training exercises which the Brigade carries out each year with its partners to ensure it is fully prepared for real emergencies and wasn’t held in response to any specific threat.