London Fire Brigade

Try a takeaway instead of cooking drunk during Rugby World Cup

18 September 2015

Firefighters are urging rugby fans to kick their drunken cooking into touch and try a takeaway instead of risking a kitchen fire under the influence of alcohol. The warning is going out ahead of the Rugby World Cup’s opening ceremony and England’s match tonight. With the vast majority of games kicking off at 8pm fire chiefs are concerned about the knock on effect of cooking late at night after a boozy evening in the pub.

Last year there were around seven fires a day caused by cooking with nearly 60 per cent of all household fires starting in the kitchen.

Our drinking stats show that:

• Two fires a day happen after Londoners have been drinking.
• One in four people who die in a fire has alcohol in their system.
• Three quarters of alcohol related fires are caused by cooking under the influence.
• Over half of these fires happen because someone has fallen asleep.

London Fire Brigade Director of Operations Dave Brown said:

“There will be a scrum at the bar as Londoners of all nations go straight from work to the pub to watch the Rugby World Cup. Our research shows cooking after having one too many plays a massive part in house fires and sadly, one in every four fire deaths involves alcohol.

“If people cook under the influence of alcohol they could be putting themselves and the people they love in danger. Try a takeaway instead and avoid our chariots being sent to a dangerous cooking fire.”

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