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Off duty firefighter praised for first aid assistance

25 March 2015

An off duty Wennington firefighter and his partner has been tracked down by the couple they gave first aid to after a serious road traffic collision in Bournemouth.

Russell ‘Tiny’ Webb was with his health care assistant partner Sharon Tucker were on a weekend break when they noticed a lot of people looking towards the roadway. Russell takes up the story:

“As we approached it became two pedestrians had been run over by a car. The man was laying on his back , in a lot of pain , his right lower leg had be fractured badly as his foot was at a 45 degree angle. The woman’s legs had been run over and were bruised, she was in a seating position on the floor. The driver of the car was unhurt , I asked her to put the hazard warning lights on and to switch of the cars engine.

I attended the man , and supported his neck and head , and calmed him down. My partner helped the woman and assisted in supporting the man’s broken leg. My partner and I remained with the casualties until they were assessed by the paramedics and removed to the ambulance .

Former Army Captain Garry Tom Taylor was the man involved in the collision and wrote a letter to the local Essex Mayor trying to make contact with Sharon and Russell to thank them. It made it into the Essex Chronicle and they have spoken on the phone and plan to meet up.

Captain Taylor said in his letter:

“We crossed a small road and were knocked down by a taxi and seriously hurt. Luckily a couple from Essex; he was a firefighter and held my head while the ambulance arrived. His partner attended and reassured my partner Karen and even brought her a cup of coffee. If all the people who live in Essex are of this calibre then I think you are a very lucky mayor.”