London Fire Brigade

Firefighters help deliver a new born on Old Kent Road

21 October 2015

Firefighters showed that it's not just fires that they deal with as they helped deliver a baby boy on the Old Kent Road on Monday.

A member of the public knocked on the door of the fire station and alerted the crew to a woman who was in labour in a car at the junction of Ossory Road.

Watch Manager Stewart Gordon said: "I opened the car door and found the woman laying down and I could just see the tip of the baby's head so I realised there wasn't a moment to lose.

"Meanwhile while firefighters Bob Bennett and Mustafa Osman administered oxygen and kept her calm.

"Just as the head was starting to show London Ambulance Service crews took over and cut the cord.

"Our driver Firefighter Peter Guppey suggested that the boy be called Oscar after the tactical mode we were in but I suppose it could be Stewart, Bob or Mustafa.

"We've not heard from the mother but everyone at the station hopes that her and the baby are doing well. It’s the first baby we've ever delivered but shows how varied our job can be."

The Brigade was made aware of the labour at 0908 and crews left the scene at 0955.