London Fire Brigade

Green champion firefighter honoured to represent WWF at the Queen's 90th birthday celebration

13 May 2016

Surbiton firefighter and Super Green Champion for London Fire Brigade, Simon Jakeman, 43, represented the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) at the Queen's 90th birthday celebration on Sunday (15 March).
Simon was nominated by the organisation to attend the event at Windsor Castle, in recognition of his volunteering work as an Earth Hour ambassador.

WWF's Earth Hour Hidden Hero winner, Simon, has been on the judging panel for eco-friendly competitions run by the charity. 

A firefighter for over 20 years, Simon, who is based at Surbiton fire station, said he was "honoured" to be selected for the historic event.

Speaking ahead of the event he said: "It's unbelievable really, it's amazing to be recognised for something you believe in and a great thank you.

"If I do get the opportunity to speak to the Queen, I'd offer her the same advice as I do to the firefighters I meet in my job.

"It isn't about preaching to people but giving them a nudge in the right direction. If we all take a small step to being more environmentally friendly then it adds up and can make a big impact."

Helping to embrace a greener workplace

As the Brigade's super green champion, Simon is currently on a year's detachment from firefighter duties. 

His job involves giving presentations at all the capital's fire stations - to all 412 watches - about how to embrace environmentally friendly policies in the workplace. 

His work includes teaching fire crews about how to make the most of the space at fire stations by growing their own food and making energy efficiencies.
A number of the Brigade's sites are generating their own energy. Solar panels have been installed at 43 fire stations, solar heating at 15 fire stations, and combined heat and power at 37 fire stations.

Croydon Fire Station has installed a Biomass boiler, which runs on wood pellets made from compressed waste sawdust from a local sawmill and provides all the energy needed for the heating and hot water. It is the first fire station in the country to be heated in this way.

London Fire Commissioner, Ron Dobson said: "Simon has been at the forefront of educating and promoting environmental work across the Brigade and it is fantastic that he has been recognised it.

"We are committed to making the Brigade as green as ever and our new stations meet the highest environmental standards and are among the most energy efficient in the world."