London Fire Brigade

Get more smoke alarms Brigade stresses

24 August 2017

Following Which?'s testing of smoke alarms that highlighted difference activation times, the Brigade is keen to stress that how many alarms and how often you test them is more important than the make and model. The Brigade reported early this year that five of the seven fatal fires at the beginning of 2017 had no working smoke alarms fitted in their homes.

London Fire Brigade Assistant Commissioner for Fire Safety Dan Daly said:

“Where you put your smoke alarms and how often you check it is more important that the type of alarms you own.

“Homes need multiple smoke alarms or you won’t be properly covered. Ideal spots for smoke alarms include rooms where you leave electrical equipment running like satellite boxes, computers or heaters; any room where you smoke, and anywhere you charge your mobile or laptop.
“As a minimum you should have smoke alarms on every floor - in the hallways and the rooms you use the most. It is vital that people regularly test their smoke alarms once a month. If you discover a fire in your home, make sure you alert everyone in your household and close any doors behind you as you make your way out. This will help to slow the spread of fire and smoke through the property.

“If anyone is concerned then you should contact your local fire and rescue service and book a home fire safety visit. Firefighters can come to your home, give vital fire safety information and fit smoke alarms where needed.”