London Fire Brigade

Our People in Nepal

18 May 2015

The earthquakes in Nepal have devastated many lives and affected countless people. We’re proud to be able to send our highly trained team members to join the international search and rescue effort, and give help where people need it the most.

Our International Search and Rescue (ISAR) team are trained in a huge range of search and rescue techniques and can be deployed to disasters around the globe, on behalf of the UK government. Throughout the year we undertake training to make sure our  skills are the best they can be so we’re able to contribute to disasters like the Nepal earthquakes and keep the people of London safe.



Who went to Nepal?

Five members of the London Fire Brigade. There were 70 team members in the UK team as a whole.

How did they get there?

The team were on a chartered flight from Stansted to Kathmandu.

How long were they there for?

10 days in total. Mainly in Kathmandu, then further afield by helicopter.

What’s happening now?

Keep up to date with the latest news on the Nepal Earthquakes