London Fire Brigade

Noble firefighter rescues unwise owl in Hayes

12 January 2016

The owner of the unwise owl firefighters rescued from a tree in Hayes has been found.

Mr Travis was alerted to our rescue when a friend of his saw our Facebook post. The owl had been missing since Christmas Eve and Mr Travis is said to be overjoyed that the bird has been rescued.

Mr Travis told firefighters that the owl was recued eight months ago from living in a 2ft cage and wasn’t able to fly until after the rescue. Mr Travis is contacting the RSPCA to be reunited with the owl.

Hillingdon white watch were called to the garden on Normandy Drive by the RSPCA, and knew it wasn't a wild bird as it had leather straps around its feet.

Firefighter Michelle Noble, in her first animal rescue, used a short extension ladder to safely rescue the bird and was taken away by RSPCA.

A London Fire Brigade spokesperson said: "Rescuing an owl stuck in a tree is one of the more unusual calls for our firefighters to attend, but we know they had a hoot and are delighted to have safely rescued the bird.

"On this occasion the RSPCA were called in the first instance, which we’d always recommend.

"We'd urge Londoners to act wisely if they ever come across an animal injured or in distress and call the RSPCA's 24 hour helpline on 0300 1234 999 or go to

"We will always be there in an emergency, but not all animal rescues need our help.”

The Brigade was called on Thursday, 7 January at 1349 and the incident was over at 1401.