London Fire Brigade

Firefighters rescue Ken the kitten

09 October 2015

Firefighters rescue Ken the kitten who was trapped in a gap a few inches wide between a brick wall and a shop front in Forest Gate.

One fire engine from Stratford attended after the RSPCA could hear the cat crying but couldn't gain access to it on Woodgrange Road in Forest Gate.

RSPCA Inspector Kate Ford could hear the noise as well but was baffled because it appeared to be coming from a solid wall.

The fire crew investigated where the noise was coming from and started getting to work.

'A little paw touched me'

Inspector Ford said: "The firefighters started cutting through the metal and there was nothing, so they cut through a wooden panel behind the metal and then they hit brick.

"I squeezed my finger behind one brick and a little paw touched me, I couldn't believe we'd found a kitten trapped in there.

"The firefighters broke through the brick and I pulled out a tiny ginger and white kitten. He was dirty and hungry but otherwise OK.

"The gap between the wall and the wooden panel was only a few inches wide, it's an absolute mystery how he got in there."

The kitten has been named Ken - after the firefighters who smashed through bricks to reach him - and was taken to RSPCA Harmsworth Hospital where he was treated for fleas and an eye infection.

Inspector Ford added: "The firefighters were fantastic, they were as determined as me to get to the bottom of the mystery and get that kitten out of there and I really appreciated their help."

Call the RSCPA first

London Fire Brigade spokesperson said: "After being called by the RSCPA firefighters carefully removed the brick wall to find Ken stuck inside.

"We're relieved that he is doing well and honoured that he has been named after the crew who rescued him.

"If an animal is injured or in distress please call the RSPCA's 24 hour helpline on 0300 1234 999 or go to first. We’ll attend like in this case if the RSCPA need our specialist equipment."

Ken the kitten is thought to be six to eight-weeks-old, he is not microchipped and if his owner does not come forward he will be put up for rehoming after he's been vaccinated.

Anyone who thinks Ken may be their kitten can call the hospital on 0300 1239927.