London Fire Brigade

Awards given to firefighters who saved and raised money for Max the husky

24 May 2016

Firefighter Llewellyn Legall and his Stanmore colleagues have received a Borough Commander's Letter of Commendation for saving the life of a husky puppy called Max and then raising thousands of pounds to put him on the road to recovery.

The London firefighter helped raise over £8,000 for the severely injured husky that his crew rescued after he was run over by a bus in October 2015.

New home for Max

Max has found a new home and couldn't have done it without the amazing generosity from the public Max was able to have all of his medical treatment paid for.

Stanmore green watch Firefighters Dave Graham, Warren Skates, Llewellyn Legall and Crew Manager Peter Gavin were called out to the incident at 1450 on Stag Lane on Thursday, 8 October last year.

The dog was trapped under a double decker bus having been run over by it.

The crew raised the bus up on stability blocks in order to rescue him.

'A tear in my eye'

Firefighter Legall, who used to be a husky owner himself, said: "We knew straight away that the dog was badly injured.

"He was in a terrible state and had actually been 'de-gloved' up to his shoulder, meaning he had lost all of his skin and fur down one side of his body.

"I honestly didn't think he would survive.

"A vet was called to the scene to make him more comfortable and it was touch and go but somehow Max pulled through.

"I had a tear in my eye on the way back to the fire station, it was such a harrowing sight.

"I called the vet after to see how Max was doing and was told that his treatment would cost thousands and that the owner couldn't afford to pay the bill so I decided to start fundraising to save him."

Karen Robertson, from the HEART charity, brought Max to Stanmore fire station to meet the firefighters who saved him and Mark Barrett from the Dogs Trust, who donated a significant amount to help Max's vet bills.