London Fire Brigade

Fire chief tells Euro 2016 fans to eat away from home

16 June 2016

Football fans who are spending their afternoons down the pub watching Euro 2016 are being told to eat out rather than cooking at home and risking burning down their house.

Our warning comes ahead of Thursday’s 2pm England v Wales game dubbed the ‘Battle of Britain’. Brigade chiefs are concerned that the early kick off will entice people to drink more throughout the day and risk them falling asleep later while cooking. We're encouraging fans who might be feeling hungry after a few pints to eat out rather than cook at home.

Alcohol stats

• Two fires a day happen after Londoners have been drinking.
• One in four people who die in a fire has alcohol in their system.
• Three quarters of alcohol related fires are caused by cooking under the influence.
• Over half of these fires happen because someone has fallen asleep.

London Fire Brigade Commissioner, Ron Dobson, said:

“During Euro 2016, many Londoners will go straight from work to the pub and watch the football. Our research shows cooking after having one too many plays a massive part in house fires and sadly, one in every four fire deaths involves alcohol.

“If people cook tonight under the influence of alcohol they could be putting themselves and the people they love in danger. Play away from home and eat out.”

Water rescues

Cooking fires are not the only incidents we think might rise due to football fans having one too many. A quarter of drowning victims have alcohol in their system and firefighters are keen to deter anyone who thinks a dip in a lake or a pond to mark the occasion is a good thing. The Brigade's statistics show that there have been 13 water related fatalities in London in the last three years. In the summer months, the Brigade attends at least one water related incident a week and crews carry out an average of 30 water rescues every year. 

 The Commissioner continued:

"It can seem tempting to jump into water like canals, lakes and rivers especially when you’ve had a drink, but it's just not worth the risk.

"Sadly people drown each year and we'd hate for someone else to become another statistic for the sake of having a laugh or showing off to their mates."

Figures from Epos Now shows that average pub takings were up 26 per cent in the first weekend of the tournament with a further increase on Thursday when England take on Wales.