London Fire Brigade

Newham Mayor to open Plaistow fire station

30 September 2015

Plaistow’s new fire station was officially opened today (30 September) by the Mayor of Newham, Sir Robin Wales.

The state-of-the-art building replaces the former station, which was built on the same site in 1931. Firefighters began operating from the new station in June 2014.

It was built as part of a Private Finance Initiative (PFI) project that will see nine London fire stations replaced by brand new buildings.

Working environment for a modern fire service

The new station provides a larger and more modern working environment for fire crews, space for three fire engines and training facilities including a drill yard, four storey drill tower and an area for road traffic collision training.

The station also boasts specialist training facilities, including a room which simulates smoke and heat, to allow firefighters to train using breathing apparatus in a realistic setting.

The training facilities will be used to train new firefighters from across London, as well as Plaistow firefighters.

Tour of the station

As well as the unveiling of a plaque by Sir Robin to commemorate the new station, firefighters from Plaistow's green watch will offer visitors a tour of their new fire station.

London Fire Brigade Commissioner Ron Dobson said:

"The old Plaistow fire station was built over 84 years ago and was fast becoming unsuitable for modern day use. It has now been completely rebuilt in order to meet with the current demands of the local population.

"This brand new fire station is fantastic for the local community it serves, as well as for the firefighters who can now benefit from the new facilities.

"Plaistow is now home to one of the best and most modern fire stations in London."

The Mayor of Newham, Sir Robin Wales, who is officially opening the station, said:

"Plaistow's new fire station is a very welcome addition to Newham and will help ensure that our residents and those in neighbouring boroughs have a facility that is fit for purpose.

"I'm pleased to unveil the plaque and officially open this fantastic new fire station which I hope will serve our community for many more years to come."

Community space

As well as improved training areas and extra space for the fire engines, there is also an extra office, lecture and quiet study rooms and a kitchen and dining area for firefighters.

There are areas within the station that the public can visit to access fire safety information, as well as a community room available for bookings.

The design of the station meets the highest environmental standards and amongst other green technology, uses solar panels to provide energy for the building. Construction began in October 2013.