London Fire Brigade

Fire Cadets fundraising for ‘trip of a lifetime’ to Nepal

31 July 2017

Three of the Brigade’s Fire Cadets are fundraising for a trip to Nepal to help build a school.

Our cadets are working to raise £10,000 to pay for a classroom in a school which Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service’s cadets are funding through the Classrooms in the Clouds organisation, which supports children’s education in the country’s remote villages.

In addition to this fundraising, three of our cadets will be heading out to the South Asian country to get more involved in the project and meet some of the children who will benefit.

Megan Munns, 17, Tiernan Routledge, 17, and Kia Clemens, 18, will be accompanied to Nepal by Special Operations Group Watch Manager Stavros Marangos, who is Lead Operational Fire Cadet Instructor.

They each need to raise £2,200 to go on the trip in October.

To raise the £18,800 total, they have already held bucket collections, supermarket bag-packs and non-uniform days and there are plenty more activities planned over the coming months including making a stop at every destination on the London Fire Brigade Monopoly board.

Jess Patten, Fire Cadet Programme Deputy Manager, said: “We are extremely privileged in this country that our young people have got access to education and development and the young people on our programmes are fortunate that they can get extra qualifications to support their development and future career opportunities.

“For us, it’s about being able to give back to young people in other countries that are less fortunate and don’t necessarily have those opportunities.

“We are really committed to fundraising for great causes and we can’t think of anything that’s better than being able to offer them education.

“For our cadets, the experiences they will get into a different culture, a different environment and different foods are life changing.

“It won’t be an easy trip, there’s a lot of training to do over the next few months and they will be trekking with backpacks when they are there, but they will never be without the experiences and memories they will get from it.

For Deputy Assistant Commissioner Ambassador Megan, it will be her first trip outside the UK.

She said she wanted to go on the trip to see for herself how much education means to the children in Nepal.

“In the UK we take education for granted,” she said.

“I want to show young people that we do have the power to change things – this project will benefit so many children.”

To sponsor the cadets, click on their names to find their fundraising pages - Megan, Tiernan, Kia and Stavros.