London Fire Brigade

Brigade set to celebrate 150th anniversary

09 November 2015

To celebrate 150 years of service to the capital, we have released an illustrated history of the London Fire Brigade and an online video for children to ensure future generations know who to call when they are in danger.

Looking back

Our  limited edition book is packed with rare images and charts our history from the formation of the Metropolitan Fire Brigade in 1866 led by Chief Officer Captain Sir Eyre Massey Shaw through to the present day London Fire Brigade led by Commissioner Ron Dobson.  The images have been handpicked by our  museum curators from pictorial archivists Mary Evans.

Every current serving London firefighter will receive a free copy of the book which has been funded by sponsorship from Bristol uniforms. Members of the public can buy the book by going to  and the profits will go to charity.

The next generation

As well as celebrating the past, we have teamed up with Playmobil to produce a ‘stop motion’ video designed to help keep future generations of Londoners safe. The video features Playmobil figures showing what a modern fire and rescue service does for the community. It will be used by firefighters visiting nursery and reception classes as part of their fire prevention outreach work. The content was developed by our Education Team.

A word from the Commissioner

London Fire Commissioner Ron Dobson said:

“It’s fitting that we should start our anniversary celebrations combining the past and the future. The book is a tribute to 150 years of bravery and commitment to London and touches on the Brigade’s role during significant times in history including World War two and The Blitz and at major incidents such as the King’s Cross fire and the London bombings on 7 July.

“While rescue is at the heart of the service, we have also had incredible success with our preventative work. From lobbying for safer building design to educating people about the importance of a having a smoke alarm it’s never too early to teach people how to keep themselves safe. This video will us reach more children and perhaps even inspire the next generation of firefighters.”

January 1 2016 marks the start of the Brigade’s 150th year in operation. Throughout 2016, there will be numerous ways the public can join in the celebrations. To find out more about what is planned, visit or follow @londonfire and  #LFB150 for more information.

Ron Dobson continued:

“We exist to serve London and Londoners and so I wanted our celebrations to be events that people in every Borough of London could be part of. As well as celebrating our history and demonstrating our capabilities, we will also be using this opportunity to communicate fire safety messages.”