London Fire Brigade

Remembering fallen West Indian service personnel

05 October 2015

Our firefighters recently took part in an annual march and memorial service held for the tens of thousands of fallen African and Caribbean military servicemen and women who made the ultimate sacrifice.

The event, which took place on Sunday, 27 September in Brixton,was organised by the West Indian Association of Services Personnel.

The march and service

The march, which started at Max Roach Park ended with a memorial service at Windrush Square, where Forest Hill Crew Manager Karen Bell laid a wreath on behalf of the Brigade

Our uniformed staff have taken part in the event for the past five years and this year firefighters were joined by our Fire Cadets. 

As well as firefighters and African Caribbean service personnel veterans, the march and service was attended by the Mayor of Lambeth, the Metropolitan Police Borough Manager and representatives from the Barbados, the Antigua and Barbuda High Commissions.

The aim of the event

The event is held to educate the general public and promote the historical contribution and sacrifice made by West Indian services personnel towards world peace.

The Brigade also takes part in the event to give young people a positive view of the Brigade as a prospective employer.