London Fire Brigade

Brigade set to carry out safety checks following Prime Minister’s announcement on panels

22 June 2017

Following the announcement made by the Prime Minister today it is important for Londoners who live in high rise properties to understand what it means for them.

The government  asked for local authorities and other registered providers of social housing to identify whether any panels used on new or refurbished buildings were of a particular type of cladding made of Aluminium Composite Material (ACM).

In London, the local authorities where these ACM panels have been identified are being contacted and asked to take action.

Alongside this work, London Fire Brigade crews will visit the premises identified to check the fire safety of the building and make sure that in the event of a fire, firefighting facilities are all in place. The Brigade will also programme more in-depth inspections as part of an on-going process.

The Brigade will check on all safety aspects, for example that fire doors are correctly fitted and  self closing, and that escape routes are clear. Officers will also give advice to the housing provider on any immediate actions that need to be taken.

The message to those living in high rise is that the only action you need to take is to make sure that you have normal fire safety measures in place, which include:

  • Think about how to stop a fire in the first place, take care with cigarettes, cooking and candles, and check electrical products.
  • Make sure you have a working smoke alarm in every room you regularly use as well as in the hallway,

  • Make sure that fire doors are self closing.

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