London Fire Brigade

The Brigade remembers three firefighters who died at the Zeebrugge ferry disaster

06 March 2017

Thirty years ago today (6 March) the Herald of Free Enterprise ferry capsized killing 193 people on board – Britain's worst peacetime maritime disaster since 1919. 

Firefighter Steve Redman, Steven Smith and Steven Wren and his wife died on board that tragic day. Deputy Assistant Commissioner Wayne Brown went to a special commemorative service in Dover to mark the anniversary of the disaster.

Following the tragedy our firefighters were sent to aid the rescue operation. 

London Fire Brigade Spokesperson said:

" The 6th March 1987 was a dark day in our history as we lost three firefighters at the tragic Zeebrugge disaster. Today we stand to represent them and show our support to the family and friends of all of those who died." 

Remembering the Zeebrugge tragedy: Service at the pier and reef throwing.

Left to right: Stuart Rivers (Chief Executive of the Sailors Society), Jacqueline Rix, Mayor of Dover Neil Rix, and Deputy Assistant Commissioner Wayne Brown.