London Fire Brigade

Ace firefighters demonstrate skills at famous café

12 August 2015

Firefighters will be demonstrating their skills at a road safety awareness day at the world famous Ace Café London on Friday.

People will be able to see how the Brigade responds to road traffic collisions as fire crews and paramedics complete a number of simulated vehicle rescues. The demonstrations will show firefighters extricate casualties safely.

Ace Café situated on North Circular Road in Stonebridge was exceptionally popular in the 1950s with bikers and is still a meeting point for anyone interested in motoring.

Wembley Watch Manager Alan Allmark said:

“It’s a great opportunity for the public to see firefighters in action and to get an idea of the scenarios they face on a regular basis as well as educating motorists about the potential consequence of road traffic collisions.”

Spokesperson for Ace Café London said:

“Given that the café hosts numerous motorcycle and car meets, we take road safety very seriously and are privileged to be associated with this opportunity of education and insights into the work of London’s emergency services.”

The event will take place between 10am and 3pm on Friday, 14 August.