London Fire Brigade

Major ‘Blue Light’ training exercise

29 June 2015

A Counter-Terrorism exercise is taking place in London between Tuesday 30 June and Wednesday 1 July. This exercise is not in response to any specific threat.

We carry out exercises to test Contingency Plans and the co-ordination of the response to a Major Incident on a regular basis.

The Exercise has been scheduled for a year and in preparation since December 2014 and is one of a number of routine exercises within the National Counter-Terrorism Exercise Programme under CONTEST, organised to test the response of the Emergency Services and other partners.

Civil Contingencies Act

There is a legal obligation under the Civil Contingencies Act to prepare and practice for a major incident.

This is a large-scale safety and security exercise involving a number of Government agencies, emergency services and others usually involved in responding to a major incident.

The exercise will not affect our day-to-day work and emergency service response, this will continue as normal.

The exercise is likely to create greater Emergency Service activity around the exercise areas during this period.