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Candle safety can't be 'dressed up' warns Brigade

27 May 2015

We welcome the announcement by Sainsbury’s to introduce enhanced fire safety standards for children’s dress up clothes, but parents shouldn't be complacent.

Group Manager for Community Safety Mark Hazelton said: “Obviously we welcome any measure to ensure that clothes are more fire retardant but the most important safety action anyone can take is to ensure candles are used safely and never left unattended.”   

Candle safety

We attend around 20 fires a month caused by candles incense and oil burners. Last  year, there were 82 fire related injuries in London between Halloween and Bonfire Night – a 37 per cent increase on the number of injuries recorded in 2012.

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Claudia Winkleman’s call

We backed Claudia Winkleman’s call for people to take care around candles after the Strictly star spoke for the first time about the serious burns her daughter suffered in a Halloween costume fire.

Mark Hazelton continued; “Speaking out about her daughter’s terrible accident has really helped to raise awareness of the dangers of candles.  This is especially true if you are wearing clothing, such as fancy costumes, which often have tassels, capes and other adornments that can trail and easily catch light if they accidentally brush against a flame or knock a candle over.

“It is not only children in fancy dress who we are concerned about, we also see a number of incidents where vulnerable adults accidentally set their clothing or bedding alight because they are placed too close to candles, cookers or gas heaters. Never let your guard down around naked flames.”

Supporting good work

London Fire Brigade supports the burns charity RAFT who carry out medical research that helps people regain their quality of life, independence and dignity after major burns trauma.