London Fire Brigade

Fire engine mad Eddie spends time with Leytonstone crews

14 September 2016

Firefighters made a fire engine mad two year old's dreams come true recently, after inviting him to spend some time with them at Leytonstone fire station.

Little Eddie was seriously ill in March this year. He had an invasive group A streptococcal infection, which gave him pneumonia, septicaemia and resulted in his body going into toxic shock.

He was admitted to the Paediatric Intensive Care Unit at St Mary's hospital in Paddington for 13 days and in total spent over five weeks in the hospital.

'Fire engine is flashing'

Eddie's mum, Clare Haworth said: "When in intensive care, we used to regularly read Eddie one his favourite books, 'Fire engine is flashing'.

"After hearing us read it so many times, one of the nurses kindly arranged the visit to the fire station. He loves fire engines and must have at least four at home!
"Eddie absolutely loved his visit and still talks about our trip. His favourite part was definitely sitting in the driver's seat and pressing all of the buttons!

"He came along in his own firefighter's outfit but loved dressing up in the real gear - especially the gloves!

"The firefighters were so friendly and really went out of their way to ensure that he had a fun visit, so I'd like to thank them again for making a little boy very happy!

"He keeps asking when can he visit again!"

Clare told the Brigade that Eddie is now doing really well and seems to have no long-lasting effects from his illness.

Welcome back any time

Firefighter Nyrox Reid, who is on the red watch at Leytonstone fire station, said: "It was our pleasure to show Eddie and his mum round the station, he is a lovely little boy.

"We are really pleased that he is doing so well health-wise and would gladly show him round again if he would like another visit."

Clare is supporting the More Smiles Appeal, which aims to raise £2 million for the development of the children's intensive care unit at St Mary's Hospital.