London Fire Brigade

Striking FBU staff recalled to duty

01 November 2013

Due to an on-going  major  incident in Dagenham all striking FBU staff who would normally be on duty are immediately being recalled to their fire stations under the terms of the agreed Recall to Duty Procedure. This recall is voluntary.

FBU staff currently taking industrial action should note:

• Only watch staff who would normally be on duty today should return to duty.
• Those returning to duty must e-mail the ‘Response to Major Incidents’ mailbox to confirm they have responded. This must be done before an appliance is mobilised.
• Brigade Control are to be notified that the appliance is available only when sufficient personnel are in attendance at the fire station and the necessary equipment and safety checks have been made.
• Firefighters/officers are not to respond directly to the scene of the incident.
• Firefighters/officers are not to self mobilise with appliance and equipment from fire stations to the incident site.
• Flexible duty officers are to contact Brigade Control to advise them of their availability and location.

Further information will follow.