London Fire Brigade

Brigade issues arson advice to protect business owners

10 August 2011

A new arson prevention guide has today been issued by London Fire Brigade urging businesses to take extra measures to protect themselves as the threat of disturbances across the capital continues.

The advice being issued by the LFB calls for  business owners to take extra steps above and beyond the normal precautions including that they:-

  • Block letterboxes.
  • Remove window displays
  • Reschedule deliveries of combustible materials

Since the violence began on Saturday millions of pounds worth of damage has been caused to buildings with many businesses destroyed as a result arson.

Fire chiefs are now urging business owners to take a number of practical steps to help reduce the risk of an arson attack.

Other steps businesses are being urged to take include:

  • Storing items that could be used as fuel such as cardboard, tyres, cylinders and waste in a secure, out of sight, locked location.
  • Locking bin room doors and secure and store rubbish containers a safe distance away from buildings
  • Pulling down shutters.
  • Parking business vehicles in secure garages or locations.
  • Making sure all escape routes are clear including those to flats above shops

Chairman of London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority Cllr Brian Coleman said:

“Business owners have become one of the main victims of the mindless thuggery suffered by our communities over the last few days. Vigilance and good management of premises are essential to reduce the risk of an arson attack and will help support our firefighters who are working tirelessly to protect life and property.”

London Fire Commissioner Ron Dobson said:-

“Following this advice will help businesses reduce the risk of an arson attack during these disturbances. Taking the extra steps that the fire brigade have put forward could be the difference between saving the property and ending up with a gutted shell.

By taking these practical steps you can help protect your premises and the people using them.”