London Fire Brigade

London fire crews remain fully prepared

10 August 2011

London’s firefighters remained fully prepared following three nights of civil disturbance across the capital, but throughout the course of the night there were no significant fires associated with the recent unrest.

However, the number of calls received by the Brigade’s control centre remained high. Between 00.01 and 23.59 on Tuesday 9 August, 1823 calls were received by the Brigade’s control centre.

Chairman and Leader of the London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority, Cllr Brian Coleman, said:

“I am sure there was a collective sigh of relief across London today as we awoke to news that our firefighters and police officers had a much quieter night. We are hoping that the coming days will remain as such.”

London Fire Commissioner, Ron Dobson said:

“This has been one of the busiest and most unpleasant periods the London Fire Brigade has ever faced. I’d like to pay tribute to our staff and to the police who have remained professional and dignified in the face of adversity.”

Overnight there were no reported attacks on crews, fire engines or fire stations. Tottenham Fire Station, which was temporarily closed, has now reopened and crews and fire engines have returned.


Notes to editors

Major fires (4 Pump and above) attended (None of these fire were attributable to civil disturbance)

For pumps read 'fire engines'.

The Brigade attended the following significant fires between 18:00hrs and 06:00 hours:

  • 4 X Four Pump Fire
  • 1 X Five Pump Fire
  • 1 X Six Pump Fire

The boroughs affected as a result of these fires were:

- Barnet (Mill Hill Fire Station)
o Four Pump @ 21:13

- Bexley (Bexley Fire Station)
o Six Pump Fire @ 21:33

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