London Fire Brigade

Planning a right Royal knees up?

28 April 2011

Street partyMillions of people will be celebrating the Royal Wedding this Friday and London’s firefighters are reminding people to take care to ensure their celebrations don’t go with a bang.

London Fire Brigade has issued three Royal Wedding safety tips which, if followed, will reduce the risk of serious fires.

Top Royal Wedding fire safety tips:

1. Take care if you’re cooking a meal fit for a prince (or princess!), especially if you’re planning on having a few drinks. It’s all too easy to leave a pan on in the kitchen, especially if you’re distracted by the wedding on the TV, but please remember that unattended cooking accounts for more fires in people’s homes than anything else.
2. If you’re having a barbecue make sure you don’t leave it unattended, not only will you burn your sausages but you’ll also run the risk of causing a serious fire. Also, please remember it’s never a good plan to light your barbecue too close to sheds, fences or trees.
3. If you’re hanging up bunting or flags in your home, why not check your smoke alarm whilst you’re at it? Over half the people who died in fires last year did not have a working smoke alarm.

Firefighters would also like to remind people not to leave rubbish lying around after their street parties. Rubbish can be an easy target for would-be arsonists and increases the risk of serious fires being started which can easily spread to homes and surrounding buildings.

For further advice on preventing fires, go to Your Safety section of our website or the Brigade’s Facebook page.