London Fire Brigade

Heart attack victim saved by off-duty firefighter

20 June 2012

An off-duty firefighter from Hornsey fire station in north London saved a man’s life last week whilst on his way home from his night shift at the fire station.

Steve Daly, 38, was driving through Great Ashby in Stevenage when he noticed a man lying in the road. Firefighter Daly said: “The man was on the floor next to his moped and I asked a couple of people what had happened. They said he’d had a heart attack and had come off his bike. The man was in the recovery position but I could see he was in a really bad way so I started giving him CPR.”

Firefighter Daly continuing performing CPR until an ambulance arrived. The ambulance crews started treating the man and shocked his heart with a defibrillator and whilst they worked, Firefighter Daly continued with his CPR. He said: “It was clear he was in a serious condition but fortunately my training kicked in and I did all I could to help him.  I’m sure I just did what any of my colleagues would have done in that situation.”

Daniel Alie, who is Station Manager at Hornsey Fire Station, where firefighter Daly has been based for the last three years, said: “I’m really proud of Steve, he didn’t hesitate to help this man in his hour of need. He immediately stepped in to help and I’ve no doubt his actions saved this man’s life. Steve is to be fully congratulated for his efforts.”

Firefighter Daly is set to receive a bravery award from the London Fire Brigade in recognition of his actions.

The man, thought to be aged 67, was whisked to hospital by ambulance and is now thought to be in a stable condition in intensive care. Firefighter Daly is hoping to visit him in hospital when he is well enough to receive visitors.


Notes to editors

The incident happened on Sunday 10th June.

Firefighter Steve Daly has been a firefighter with the London Fire Brigade for 12 years. He has been working at Hornsey Fire Station for the past three years. He lives in Stevenage.