London Fire Brigade

Joint fire and ambulance stations could save millions, says fire authority

26 January 2012

The London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority will today discuss a report suggesting that millions of pounds of taxpayers’ money could be saved by sharing more fire stations with the ambulance service.

In its response to a GLA report into the future of the London Ambulance Service (LAS) , which was published late last year, the Fire Authority report suggests that more joint fire and ambulance stations,  a joint headquarters and collaboration between control rooms  could deliver a better service to Londoners and save money.

The report  says that the ambulance service’s 70 stations are worth an estimated £80m and that combining more of these with fire stations could deliver savings. It says that  all opportunities for closer working and integration between the fire brigade and ambulance service should be explored.

Chairman of the London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority, Cllr Brian Coleman, said:

“The London Fire Brigade is already delivering a world class fire and rescue service for the people of London and by working more closely with the ambulance service we could provide an even better emergency service at less cost. At the moment, the London Ambulance Service shares facilities at three fire stations but this could be just the tip of the iceberg.

“Together, the fire brigade and ambulance services should look at the potential benefits to Londoners of sharing a range of services from procurement, to property and 999-control centres. No options should be off the table when it comes to the London Fire Brigade and the ambulance service working more closely together.”


Notes to Editors

Response to the report 'The Future of the London Ambulance Service - A Strategic Review'